Lighter Inc. Welcomes Patrick Wesonga as Head of Product

Lighter Inc. September 18, 2020

Lighter Inc., a leading health and nutrition technology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is proud to welcome Patrick Wesonga as the company’s new Head of Product.


"It’s a privilege and an honor to jump on the Lighter rocketship at such a pivotal time for the industry and the world," said Wesonga. "After 13 years leading teams across many industries at Citibank, Zocdoc, and CLEAR, I was drawn magnetically back into the health and wellness space."

So what exactly drew Patrick to Lighter? As Dr. Seuss once said, “sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”. We live in a time where many Americans simultaneously have ubiquitous technology and poor health outcomes. The COVID crisis has laid bare the nutrition inequities that pervade the lives of the most marginalized, where it’s effect has only magnified their suffering.

Woman on macbook - 2-1Some key challenges that contribute to the current reality are access, education, and affordability. The good news is that these challenges are not intractable - and the right mixture of human and technology interventions can help us make progress. Patrick comes to Lighter excited to build a product strategy that helps people from all demographics eat healthier - especially those that have been perceived as “hard to help”.

"Delivering on this strategy will surely not be easy," noted Patrick. "But with such an amazing team, the journey will be just as rewarding as the result."

Patrick is a native of San Jose, California and earned his degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University (Go Boilers!). He also serves an advisor to emerging startups, a product strategy consultant, and very importantly: "A Proud New Yorker!" said Patrick.

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