Lighter Inc. Welcomes Jonathan Olson As the New Chief Technology Officer

Lighter Inc. September 30, 2020

Lighter Inc., a leading health and nutrition technology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is excited to welcome Jonathan Olson as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer.

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"Years ago, I watched the documentary *Forks Over Knives* with my wife. She, being a much quicker learner than me, immediately embraced the whole-foods plant-based principles taught in the movie and started changing our family's pantry. Although the science behind the benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet is overwhelming, I was merely a reluctant supporter. That changed in 2018, when I participated in the 2nd Annual Plant Based Nutrition Symposium held in Salt Lake City offered by Plant Based Utah. There, I was challenged by a fellow computer scientist, Thomas Tadlock, to increase my metabolism and engage in a more healthy lifestyle using plant-based whole-foods. For my 2019 New Year's resolution, I decided to fully embrace plant-based eating. I lost over 20 pounds, saw inches shrink from my waist, and found I had more energy than I could remember."

Jonathan's career in healthcare informatics started in 1995, working as a summer intern under the tutelage of the late, great Homer R. Warner MD, PhD. Along with another fellow computer science student, they built one of the world's first web-based electronic medical records for the University of Utah School of Medicine. There he found his passion - to use technology to improve the health and outcomes of patients. Over the course of 25 years, Jonathan has led the technology efforts for numerous healthcare informatics start-ups in a variety of specialities, including infectious diseases, diabetes management, oncology and imaging. TheraDoc, where he was the first employee and CTO, pioneered a new market in infection control surveillance, and was acquired by Hospira in 2009 and subsequently by Premier. TheraDoc is now in over 1100 hospitals across the United States.

anna-pelzer-IGfIGP5ONV0-unsplash-1Seeking to make a bigger impact on the health of the world, and now convinced that changing one's eating habits is one of the best ways to accomplish this, imagine his surprise when he heard that Lighter was seeking someone to lead their technology team. "The mission of Lighter to use food as medicine, not just through technology - but supporting critical behavior change with health professionals - resonated strongly with me. Lighter is the perfect place for me to take the experiences I have gained over the past 25 years to help heal the world!"

A little about Jonathan: "Celebrating 25 years with my much better half, I am blessed to be the father of five amazing children. I also love the outdoors, believe you can play basketball without jumping, and will not deny being afflicted with Japanophilia."

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